Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group

A research group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers


The Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group (formerly known as Women and Geography Study Group (WGSG)) aims to encourage the study of the geographical implications of gender differentiation in society and geographical research from a feminist perspective, encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas with reference to research and teaching in these areas and disseminate information through its publications.

The activities of the Group include a series of meetings throughout the year, newsletters, mentoring events, writing retreats, postgraduate research student days etc.

In 2013, GFGRG organised events and to mark the centenary of women’s permanent membership of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). The ‘100+’ sobriquet was chosen to reflect the fact that women’s geographical work predated and extended beyond the RGS award of fellowship, but also signals a forward momentum.

The Group published its first book Gender and Geography in 1984 (see Feminist Geographies was published a decade later in 1997 and in 2004, the group published Gender and Geography Revisited to reflect on the development of feminist geography in the 20 years since its first publication. In 2013, the journal Area published a special section on the future of the Women and Geography Study Group.


The GFGRG maintain an e-mail discussion list (GFGRG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK).

Twitter: @GFG_RGSIBG

Facebook: Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group

Who we are

GFGRG Committee 2017-18

Chair Katherine Brickell


Secretary Johanna Waters


Treasurer Eleanor Wilkinson


Membership Secretary Beth Oppenheim


Dissertation Prize Coordinator Lucy Jackson


Dissertation Prize Coordinator Erin Sanders-McDonagh (School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent)


Dissertation Prize Coordinator Heather Jeffrey


Dissertation Prize Coordinator Elizabeth Gagen


Postgraduate Member Hannah Melike Peterson


Postgraduate Member Harriet Larrington-Spencer


Web Coordinator Louise Rondel (Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London)


Ordinary Member Deirdre Conlon (School of Geography, University of Leeds)


Ordinary Member Ailie Tam (School of International Development, University of East Anglia)


Ordinary Member Harriet Hawkins


Ordinary Member Miranda Iossifidis (Design School, LCC, University of the Arts London and the Centre for the Study of Global Media and Democracy, Goldsmiths)


Ordinary Member Gaurav Sikka (Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi)


Ordinary Member Yogesh Mishra


Ordinary Member Jo Sharp


Ordinary Member Karine Duplan (Department of Geography and Institute of Gender Studies, University of Geneva)


Ordinary Member Eveleigh Buck-Matthews



If you are a member of the RGS-IBG, you can sign up for GFGRG membership using the form at If you have been a member of the Society for some time, please check that your Research Group membership is up to date by emailing

If you are not a member of RGS-IBG, you are encouraged to make an annual donation towards the work of GFGRG. The suggested donation is £5 per year, but can be less if this will cause you hardship. [Members of RGS-IBG are also welcome to make donations towards GFGRG’s work, by the same method, below.]

GFGRG Membership list – updates to your contact details and membership

Members of RGS-IBG who have added GFGRG to their membership record: This information is automatically sent by RGS-IBG to the GFGRG Membership Secretary. If you have changed your contact details, it helps if you can update your Jiscmail subscription to your new email address.
People who are not members of RGS-IBG: If you have made a donation via the Treasurer, your details will be passed to the Membership Secretary automatically. If you wish to join and have not made a donation, please contact the Membership Secretary directly.
Mailing list: GFGRG encourages all those on the Jiscmail mailing list to join GFGRG as members.


Undergraduate Dissertation Prize

The GFGRG invites entries each year for the best undergraduate dissertation on any issue relating to geography and gender. Departments may not submit more than one entry per year. The dissertations should usually be 10,000 words or more and should be submitted as a PDF file, along with a copy of the appropriate departmental dissertation regulations and a (post-September) contact address for the student to:

For any further details or questions please contact Dr Lucy Jackson, University of Liverpool –

PRIZES: 1st prize – £60; 2nd prize – £30; 3rd prize – £20.


GFGRG sponsors sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, and members are often involved in organising and presenting at the AAG Annual meeting (under the auspices of the Geographical Perspectives on Women Specialty Group, GPOW).


These pages contain links to resources related to gender, women and geography.

Bibliographies – of resources relating to geography and gender
Links – to other sites concerned with gender, geography, women and feminism
Downloads: Book chapters, workshop presentations, etc

If you would like us to link to your resource, please contact the Chair.

Mailing list and social media

Join the GFGRG jiscmail discussion list online here. Joining the mailing list is free, but subscribers who are not members of RGS-IBG are encouraged to make a small annual donation to support the work of GFGRG by joining the group as members.

Archives of the mailing list and other information about the list are available on the Jiscmail website.

Follow GFGRG on Twitter – @GFG_RGSIBG

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To advertise or promote events, conferences and CFPs that may be of interest to GFGRG members, and would benefit from advertisement on GFGRG platforms, please contact our web and social media coordinator:

Louise Rondel



GFGRG Reading Retreat – register now!!

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK,

You are warmly invited to join us on a reading retreat. Over two residential days, we will

Discuss readings on current and future themes and directions in feminist geography
Provide opportunities for networking, socialising and country walks
Open to all. Cost £55 for postgraduates/unwaged & £110 for staff/waged. This includes accommodation (in shared rooms) and ALL meals.

Bursaries are available to subsidise the travel costs of postgraduates. Please send a completed bursary application form with your registration form.

To register please send a completed registration form to Sarah Evans or Elizabeth Gagen, either of whom can provide more information.

Coming to this year’s RGS-IBG AC2014 conference? Want to find out more about this retreat and/or the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group? Then come along to our AGM meeting (Wed 27th August, Session 4 16:50-18:30, Sherfield Building, Read Lecture Theatre). We are a friendly bunch and have committee vacancies if you’d like to get involved.

Find the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group on Twitter: @GFG_RGSIBG

GFGRG events at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference

GFGRG sponsored sessions

View a list of GFGRG sponsored sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference.


Wednesday 27 August 2014, 16:50 to 18:30, Sherfield Building, Read Lecture Theatre – see more information here.

Group Meal

At 7pm after the AGM we will be having a group meal at Thai Square Kensington, 19 Exhibition Road London SW7 2HE. If you would like to attend, please email with your individual food order (view menu) by August 11th 2014.

Unveiling of 100+ portraits
To continue our 2013 celebrations of 100+ years of women’s geographical work, an unveiling of the 100+ portraits will take place on Friday 29 August 2014, 16.20 RGS-IBG Main Hall. The portraits mark significant ‘first’ appointments of women in the discipline. It would be wonderful to see lots of people there.

Annual General Meeting – notification and agenda

Date, time and location: Wednesday 27 August 2014, 16:50 to 18:30, Sherfield Building, Read Lecture Theatre

Notification of GFGRG vacant committee positions:

Secretary (maternity cover post AGM until April 2015) Please note must be a member of the RGS-IBG.
Web coordinator (nomination received)
Membership secretary
Dissertation prize coordinators
Please send any nominations to

Meeting agenda
Proposed rewording to GFGRG constitution
List of RGS medals (it would be great if you could think about potential nominees prior to the meeting)
Attachments forthcoming from GFGRG Chair:

2013 AGM minutes
If you are not registered to attend the conference but would like to attend our AGM, you can get a free visitor pass by emailing with your name, affiliation, email address and mentioning this meeting.

NB: Please send any apologies to in advance of the AGM.

Free online access to SAGE journals in Sociology and Gender Studies in March
Posted on March 8, 2013 by GFGRG
During March, all SAGE Sociology and Gender Studies journals including Feminist Theory and the European Journal of Women’s Studies will be free to access

News from the IGU Commission on Gender

IGU Commission on Gender and Geography meeting ‘Gender, Power and Knowledge: Building Global Networks through Local Sensitivities’ 1-3 August 2013, Women’s University Nara, Japan – see details on Activities page
IGU Regional Conference, 4-9 August 2013 in Kyoto, Japan: 6 sessions on ‘Scaling Gender: From the Body to the Globe’ and joint session with the Commission on the History of Geography on ‘Geographical Thought, Practice and Gender’ – see details on Activities page.

Undergraduate Dissertation Prize

The 2012 WGSG Undergraduate Dissertation Prize competition is accepting entries. The dissertations should usually be 10,000 words or more and should be submitted as a pdf file, along with a copy of the appropriate departmental dissertation regulations and a (post-September) contact address for the student to: Dr. Rosie Cox, Please note that departments may not submit more than one dissertation.